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Pharmacy Shelving With 6 Autofeed Drawers


2x deep drawers - 500mm depth
1x worktop
6x pull out drawers - 500mm depth
1x Base cover
1x Foot
1x Slotted Upright
1x Support frame

Product Code PP-WB-05-10-5

Technical Details

The PP-WB-05 pharmacy shelving system is a fully modular design with six angled pull out drawers. two deep draws and one work top.

The six angled drawers allow auto feeding of your stock, decreasing stock management and increasing staff efficiency.

For further information on what our pharmacy shelving solutions have to offer, please watch the video here on Utube.

Each shelf has a see through acrylic screen to allow you to see stock type and stock levels easily.

The individual pharmacy shelves can be lowered or raised to accommodate for larger types of stock on the shelf below or above if needed.
The work top can be raised or lowered to suit your working height, or to suit a more convenient display height.

2100mm high x 1040mm width x 682mm depth (overall)
(Illustration shown with optional back panels and plinth drawers)

Models Available

Pharmacy Shelving With 6 Autofeed Drawers   PP-WB-05-8-5   PP-WB-05-665-5   PP-WB-05-5-5  

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