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Shelving Quality Control

Pharmacy Shelving Quality Control


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Inov8 medical is the leading manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical shelves and storage solutions. We pride themselves on maintaining high standards for both their services to clients as well as within the company itself, making it a reliable partner in every industry they serve.

Inov8 Medical has been one of the most trusted manufacturers when it comes to pharmacies looking for new or improved equipment that will not only help them with efficiency but also provide an added level safety during dispensing practices

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We pride ourselves on attention to detail, meeting targets and achieving deadlines.

In all our activities, the Company aims to provide and maintain a quality-assured service to its customers, with the highest levels of competence.

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Inov8 medical has a quality management system that is supported by all staff, contractors and subcontractors and distributors. The systems ensure that all our activities are controlled and reviewed by the Company in a formal and structured manner. All staff and contractors are made aware of the quality policy, their access to the quality management system and their own individual responsibility for quality control.

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