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Inov8 Medical Pharmacy Shelves

Welcome to Inov8 Medical! One of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of modular pharmacy shelving. We not only supply our shelving and storage solutions worldwide but are one of the biggest suppliers of pharmacy shelving in the United Kingdom.

With over forty years of experience – all managed from our head office in the UK – we’re positive we will find the shelving solution to suit all of your needs. Our modular shelving systems have been ergonomically designed and manufactured to be extremely easy to install. Not to mention offering the perfect solution to any pharmacy needing that little extra storage and dispensary assistance.



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We’ve had the pleasure of working with many big name clients; including pharmacy chains such as Boots and Rowlands, the Ministry Of Defense (MOD), private vets and GP surgeries, as well as the National Health Service (NHS) of course.

Pharmacy Shelving Design Service

We can provide a custom pharmacy shelving design service that will help maximise the space and the look of your pharmacy. We offer key solutions to tackle the age-old problem of incorrect shelving sizes, and – through full and part refit packages – offer solutions that enhance space through our pharmacy shelves design consultation.

Full and part refit packages also include a mockup made with 3D imaging software. This mockup shows how the range of Pharmashelve plus equipment could enhance the workspace available to you, and maximise the efficiency of drug storage dispensing. Allowing you to have your say and adjust as you see fit before the manufacturing begins.

customer pharmacy shelves

Shelving Designs

If your shelves aren’t designed with pharmacy use in mind, then this extra step allows even more control. However, our sleek metal pharmacy shelves with their stabilizing wall-braces and easy to install design should be a decent fit for almost any business!

Whether it’s the back or front of the house, shelving becomes the barebones foundation of your shop layout. This is why Inov8 Medical offers a wide range of customisable shelving options; once your pharmacy shelves have been installed, the world – or rather, your shop – is very much your oyster.

Case Studies

Mercy Health – Case Study

Mercy Health Case Study  Working with our U.S.Partner – Tension, we answered a concise brief and designed and fitted a new retail/Outpatient pharmacy for Miller

Example of our pharmacy shelving designs

To fully explain the flexibility of our pharmacy shelving systems and how it can suit your pharmacy storage needs, take a couple of minutes to watch these short videos. We can fully customise our shelves to suit nearly any need you require.

Proven track record in Pharmacies

Inov8 Medical is a leading manufacturer and supplier of dispensary shelving systems, pharmacy storage and pharmacy shelving. With over 40 years of design and manufacturing experience with pharmacy shelves all managed from our head office in the UK, we are positive we will find the right shelving solution for you.

Our systems have been installed in not just pharmacies. We have also worked with customers from dentists, hospitals and also prisons, veterinary surgeries, private care homes, retail shops, zoos and even defence contracts.

Just some of the clients we have worked with include Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy, Orange Hospital (New South Wales), St Andrew’s Healthcare, BFS Offenburg Hospital (Germany) and the Ministry of Defence.

Key Benefits for your Pharmacy

Inov8 Pharmacy Shelving

Our pharmacy shelves are modular, fast retrieval pharmacy shelving systems, ergonomically designed in the UK to improve the efficiency of dispensing medication. They can be easily integrated into any size of shelving dispensary, requiring only minimal installation.

Designed specifically for healthcare shelving and dispensary professionals looking for “the” shelving solution to the many storage and product retrieval problems they encounter.

Our modular shelving systems have been ergonomically designed to be extremely easy to install, and to offer a perfect solution for the smallest of independent pharmacies to the largest hospital dispensary.

What are Modular Pharmacy Shelves?

Modular pharmacy shelving is a type of shelving that allows more flexibility and customisation than other types of shelves. Our shelves were designed with pharmacy and medical applications in mind, however, the functions of our shelves have been found beneficial by many.

With modular shelving, you’re not bound by one piece of unwieldy, expensive furniture. If you install one of our modular pharmacy shelving units and find the layout to be inefficient, you can customize it to your heart’s content. After all, the whole point to modular design is increased flexibility with minimal effort!

Previous Shelving Installations

Own a pharmacy and want to know how modular pharmacy shelving can help you take control of prescription errors? Starting a business and want complete control over your shop displays, not just today, but in ten years time? You’re bound to find something that works for you with Inov8 Medical’s wide selection of pharmacy shelves.

Our Shelving Capabilities

All of our drawers – including plinth drawers, deep drawers, and full-extension pull-out drawers – can be worked into your pharmacy shelving system whichever way you’d prefer. Of course, each of these drawers and systems carries different weights and are intended with specific purposes in mind.

pharmacy floor plan design

What Our Shelves Can Do

Some of the pharmacy shelves and drawer systems that we offer, along with their maximum weight capacities, are;

Customers are Key

Whether it’s establishing a strong relationship with our clients, or helping you help your customers, Inov8 Medical believes in the power of communication. Oftentimes the best way to configure your store is around the complaints of both customers and staff.

If a commonly requested item is out of reach for customers, then this may mean it’s a good idea to keep the product closer to a common hand/hip level. However, if this item was out of reach due to needing a strong or wide enough shelf then without our modular shelving you may not have had this option.

Vice Versa, if you find yourself bending down back of the house more than is comfortable this too can be rectified. Why not slot our modular pharmacy shelves in with our clinic furniture, for even more storage possibilities in your break/staff room? Whatever your choices, Inov8 Medical are here to help!


Fit the full extension pull out drawer at an angle and your shelves will have their own self-feeding system that you only need to replenish as it runs low.

Simply refit the drawers flat again. The customisable aspect of our pharmacy shelves means that the layout can be remixed and adapted to suit the needs of your staff. We encourage playing around and finding what fits best for your working practices.

How To Put Stock In Pharmacy Shelves?

How To Put Stock In Pharmacy Shelves? Shelving is very important in a pharmacy. Once you’ve installed your modular pharmacy shelves they can be customised

Mercy Health – Case Study

Mercy Health Case Study  Working with our U.S.Partner – Tension, we answered a concise brief and designed and fitted a new retail/Outpatient pharmacy for Miller

Pharmacy Shelves Design

Pharmacy Shelves Design Pharmacies in Communities Pharmacies are a vital aspect of most communities. Not only can pharmacists provide advice on minor injuries and illnesses,