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We supply our modular shelves storage solutions worldwide.

World Leading Pharmacy Shelves

Inov8 Medical are a leading manufacturer and supplier of; dispensary pharmacy shelves systems, pharmacy storage, and pharmacy shelves. With over forty years of design and manufacturing experience – all managed from our head office in the UK – we’re positive we will find the shelving solution to suit all of your needs.

Our modular shelving systems have been ergonomically designed and manufactured to be extremely easy to install.

Not to mention offering the perfect solution to any pharmacies needing a little storage and dispensary assistance.

Our Customers

Pharmacy Shelving Design Service

Inov8 Medical provides a custom pharmacy shelving design service that will help maximise the space and the look of your pharmacy. We offer key solutions to tackle the age-old problem of incorrect shelving sizes and offer solutions to enhance space through our pharmacy shelves design consultation, for full and part refit packages.

These packages also include 3D imaging to show how the range of Pharmashelve plus equipment could enhance the workspace available to you, and maximise the efficiency of drug storage dispensing. Allowing you to have your say and adjust as you see fit before the manufacturing begins.

Proven track record in Pharmacies

As one of the leading manufacturers and dispensers of pharmacy shelving, Inov8 Medical has over forty years of experience in design. We can create pharmacy shelves to fit almost any space, which is good for smaller businesses with unconventional layouts. Everything is ergonomically designed and created with the intention of maximizing room for stock, whilst raising medicine visibility.

Our shelves are designed to be incredibly easy to install, whether you’re a smaller independent pharmacy, or running a warehouse-sized professional dispensary. Our pharmacy shelves can be integrated into any size of shelving dispensary, and are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Key Benefits for your Pharmacy

Inov8 Pharmacy Shelves

Our pharmacy shelves are modular, fast retrieval pharmacy shelving systems, ergonomically designed in the UK to improve the efficiency of dispensing medication. They can be easily integrated into any size of shelving dispensary, requiring only minimal installation.

Designed specifically for healthcare shelving and dispensary professionals looking for “the” shelving solution to the many storage and product retrieval problems they encounter.

Our modular shelving systems have been ergonomically designed to be extremely easy to install and to offer a perfect solution for the smallest of independent pharmacies to the largest hospital dispensary.

Pharmacy Shelving Design Service

Examples of our pharmacy shelving designs

To fully explain the flexibility of our pharmacy shelving systems and how it can suit your pharmacy storage needs, take a couple of minutes to watch these short videos. We can fully customise our shelves to suit nearly any need you require.

pharmacy floor plan design

Pharmacy Shelves Designed to your needs

Specialized in Pharmacy Shelves

Pharmacies are one of the oldest aspects of civilisation. Coming from the Greek word pharmakon, meaning remedy; the existence of various apothecaries and healers across history shows humanity’s understandable fascination with medicine.

We can thank past physicians and their research for allowing many of our recent breakthroughs in the medical field. However, this doesn’t mean we need to operate at an ancient pace. If you’ve ever used real wood drawers you’ll understand that – whilst beautiful – they can warp, stick, and even become unusable with enough time.

This is part of the reason why having specialized pharmacy shelves is worth it. It is vital that pharmacies are accessible for both customers and staff. As the medical field improves, and people with disabilities or chronic illnesses can live more comfortable lives, making sure they’re able to access medication with ease becomes paramount.

Pharmacy Shelving Benefits You

Good quality pharmacy shelving will be appreciated by your staff, as well as customers. With so many different types of medicine, store products, and controlled drugs; a customisable storage system makes it simple to keep the products you need to access the most in easy to reach areas.

Smooth-sliding metal fixtures also reduce the possibility of repetitive wrist strain, since you shouldn’t be fighting with your pharmacy shelves every day. As ironic as it is, a pharmacist hurting their back from bending down to reach low shelves, for example, just isn’t funny enough to risk developing an injury!

Whether it’s the back of the house or the store section of your pharmacy, shelving becomes the barebones foundation of your shop layout. This is why Inov8 Medical offers a wide range of customisable shelving options; once your pharmacy shelves are installed the world is very much your oyster.

Save Time and Money

With time, and collaboration with your colleagues or employees, you can develop your system to help your pharmacy run more efficiently:

For More Than Just Pharmacies

Much of Inov8 Medical’s pharmacy shelving was designed around storage solutions that benefit drug stores. However, due to the customisable aspect of our shelves, it’s no surprise that other businesses have shown interest and worked with us as clients.

From veterinary surgeries to zoos and dentists, any business that requires the easy access and storage of many different items can benefit from proper shelving.

Our Customers

We have worked with both Boots and Lloyds Pharmacies to deliver high-quality pharmacy shelving. These contracts with some of the health industry’s leading pharmacies, alongside a five-star rating on google, proves our dedication to finding the right shelving system for you.  We’ve even worked alongside hospitals overseas – Offenburg Hospital in Germany and Orange Hospital in New South Wales, Australia – as well as for the Ministry Of Defence!

Custom Pharmacy Shelving Design

Need ergonomically designed, modular, fast retrieval pharmacy shelves? Inov8 Medical’s pharmacy shelves have you covered! Want to know what we can do for your pharmacy layout, or have more specific design questions? Feel free to get in contact and find out how we can help you.

customer pharmacy shelves

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