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Pharmacy Shelving Repair Service

We supply our modular shelving storage solutions worldwide.

Shelving Repair Service

We have over 40 years of pharmacy shelving design and manufacturing experience. 

we have literally thousands of drawers in daily use in pharmacies around the globe and these need 
various levels of maintenance from time to time.

Our Repair Service

Often pharmacy drawers will suffer from wear and tear issues as well as operator damage.
Some of these pharmacy drawers can be repaired by general maintenance people on site but for more complex issues or where there isn’t a maintenance team available the drawers can be returned to our workshop where they can be given a full repair and refurbishment.


How it works

Also we have older drawers that were made to a different specification that is different to our current models.
We can’t replace certain parts of these as they were discontinued sometime ago but in most cases we can refurbish these and get them working again. 
We can often remedy the issue with minimal disruption and send replacement parts to be fitted on site.
For more complex repairs you can return the item in question to the factory, where we would carry out the necessary repair work. 

Let Us help fix the problem 

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Pharmacy Shelving

Pharmacy storage solutions designed specifically for healthcare and dispensary professionals.

Rotating Storage Self

Innovative rotating storage shelves for the safe dispensing of fast moving medicines.

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record with leading UK pharmacies, such as Boots and LLoyds Pharmacies, and we pride ourselves on having excellent customer service.

If our pharmacy shelving repair service is unable to repair your unit, we will do our best to advise you on a suitable replacement. Or if your looking for a custom design we have a custom shelving design service. 

To  see more about our shelves click the like to watch a video of our current features and designs

Shelving Repair Service

The first step is to contact us and send through photos of your drawers. We can then discuss your issue and decide how to proceed.

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