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Choosing your Floor Plan

Pharmacy Floor plans are a crucial part of any pharmacy shop, and determining the best one beforehand will help guide decisions during the pharmacy floor design. There’s more than just pharmacy shelves or fixtures involved in deciding on what goes where; it all starts with choosing your floor plan!

It is important to understand that there are many options when it comes to pharmacy floor plans. One such option, which has become the norm in modern retail and pharmacy stores across the UK and and around the world, includes a traditional grid or straight layout with maximum usage of available space – but this isn’t your only choice!

Combination layouts allow you create sections by setting up pharmacy shelves parallel against store walls while free-flow designs give shoppers ample room for browsing without any limitations on where items can be placed within each section; these two styles provide different strengths depending upon how they’re implemented into an establishment…

Gondola shelving is a great way for stores of all shapes and sizes to provide an aesthetically pleasing shelving display while also making it easier than ever before get around your store. With this type of system, customers will be able pick up prescriptions but are encouraged on their way out-of the door at least see some displays as well!

pharmacy floor plan
Pharmacy shelves for vets

Does and Don'ts in your Pharmacy!

  • When designing a pharmacy, it is important to consider the needs and wants of both front-end employees (those who work near customers) as well as back end staff such Pharmacists. Here are some dos/don’ts when considering design options that will ensure success:

For back end design:


  • You should always have a computer and telephone available for the pharmacy staff.
  • DO ensure that required supplies and equipment are within easy reach.


  • DON’T neglect the proper workspace ergonomics with desks and counters at the proper height, comfortable chairs, and floor mats.
  • DON’T forget A comfortable waiting area is a must for your patrons.

For Front end design:


Customers should be directed around the store in a counter-clockwise direction by utilizing shelving.

The point of purchase display is a vital way to get your customers hooked on you and buy from all around the store. This is especially true in situations where they’re right next to their check out register!

DO aim to make your store an inviting and customer-friendly place.


  • DON’T use standard linoleum flooring or fluorescent lighting and aim to include natural lighting for a more comfortable environment. 
Inov8 Medical Pharmacy shelving
Pharmacy shelves for vets

Where here to help

  • If you are looking for some help designing your pharmacy floor space of shelving systems we have over 40 years of experience to help you achieve what you need for your business. Contact us here or call today on 0845 556 4371